Brand Ad Design

We work with numerous clients that run brand ads. The message is succinct and not copy intensive. The emphasis is on the brand with the product or service featured. It is imperative the ad gets noticed immediately to capture a reader’s attention and compel consumers to purchase on your website or wherever you direct them to buy. Many product ads include retail logos that drive consumer pull-through sales at regional and national retailers. Let us create a branded ad to engage consumers.

Direct Response Creative

The magazine advertorial or “infomercial-in-print” design and content is imperative to direct response campaign success. It must engage the reader with messaging that’s easy to understand, allow the individual to make an informed purchasing decision, and convince the reader to buy the product or service. The ad will create awareness, build the brand, and generate consumer sales via web, mobile or phone orders. Our creative team is experienced at creating editorially appealing ads that drive results!

Ad Trafficking

Media Direct manages the countless ad trafficking details to make certain your digital, print, radio and television ads get placed without a hitch. Our proprietary software ensures timely delivery of creative materials. In addition, our experienced ad trafficking team will review placement details, assess files for compatibility, send the files and confirm delivery receipt.