Media Channels

Media Direct takes pride in maintaining strong client and vendor relationships. Our deeply discounted rates with vendors contributes to successful campaigns for our clients. We work with our media partners on a local, regional and national scale depending on client objectives to provide a comprehensive advertising campaign that produces results.


Advertising continues to evolve at a rapid pace. Digital advertising allows advertisers to reach and appeal to their core audience in new ways with significant precision.Digital advertising has become an essential component of any campaign and has evolved into a marketing...

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According to a recent study by Ball State University on the media consumption habits of typical Americans, despite the Internet’s steady rise in popularity over recent years, television remains a dominant medium in most U.S. households. On average, the general population spends...

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Experienced advertisers know that in order to get your message across to consumers, you may need to state it many times through various mediums - TV, radio, email, magazines, social media, etc. Consumers need to hear about your brand multiple times before they are familiar with...

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Media Direct works with publishers on geo-targeted local, regional, and national campaigns based on our client objectives. We place media in both trade and consumer magazines and have relationships with all major publishers. Our reach covers all categories and includes general...

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Reach consumers while they are on-the-go outside of their homes. This form of advertising connects with consumers in public places, in-transit, and commercial locations. Out-of-home examples include...

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