Experienced advertisers know that in order to get your message across to consumers, you may need to state it many times through various mediums - TV, radio, email, magazines, social media, etc. Consumers need to hear about your brand multiple times before they are familiar with it, and radio offers an excellent way to get your message heard. Over 90% of Americans tune into the radio on a weekly basis, according to Nielsen. So it’s highly likely that your target audience listens to the radio and will hear your spot.

More than two-thirds of the weekly radio audience work full-time and listen to the radio during their commute and during the workday. Younger audiences tend to listen to top hits stations, while older audiences are more likely to tune into classical and talk radio. New audio sources are increasing within the radio landscape, giving consumers more choices than ever before. From local broadcast and network radio, to satellite, podcasts, streaming and more. Getting customers to hear your radio spot is important, but convincing them to buy from radio is the ultimate goal. Let the Media Direct team assist both efforts!